Quality assurance and testing


The Challenge:

In today’s rapidly-changing healthcare industry, faster time-to-market requirements mandate shorter release timings from conception of an idea to the actual delivery.Many organizations have adopted Agile methodologies to help address this need. Recent data (World Quality report 2018-19) suggests that 96% of organizations have adopted Agile for at least one of their projects, and 77% have moved close to three-quarters of their projects to a DevOps model. Because of this, an organization’s quality assurance functions oftentimes cannot meet these changing consumer demands.

Solution :

We have worked with numerous healthcare organizations to adopt QA and appropriate testing models. Through this work, we’ve determined the following key areas of focus for incorporating effective automation:

  • Shift from regressive automation to progressive automation.Agile and DevOps require automation to be much faster and more timely for maximum value. We recommend an in-sprint automation strategy to help successfully implement automation for larger enterprises.
  • Incorporate Continuous Testing (CT) for DevOps (CI/CD).It is important to integrate automation into the DevOps pipeline to enable Continuous Testing at the unit level in addition to system testing, integration and regression. This provides early detection of any problems and significantly reduces investigation and fix time, while improving velocity of software delivery.
  • Integrate early testing to improve quality. . Move from a traditional test-case format to Gherkin-based test design. This will significantly increase the collaboration among BA (Business Analyst), PO (Product Owner) and QA (Quality Assurance) test teams and ensure adequate test coverage early in the cycle.
  • Adopt automation across all architectural layers to ensure a layered test approach.Include all architectural layers when adopting automation including presentation, business layers and database layers to help kick-start automation early in the process and assists with reduced maintenance cost.
  • Include a single automation framework. This type of framework caters to all technology platform levels including UI, web services, database and reports – and can extend across various


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