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Big Data Management & Analytics Solution’s Performance, Scalability, Availability, Security, And Compliance Needs Automatically

How Some of the Fortune 500 organizations are putting the big data solutions to work::

Data warehouse optimization

Customer/social analysis

predictive maintenance

clickstream analytics

fraud protection

A large global financial services and communication company is cost-effectively scaling the access, storage, and processing of hundreds of terabytes of data from 18 diverse sources. The company, which processes 650 million transactions a year, is improving customer service across 25 global call centers, reducing fraud, identifying trends to guide business decisions, and enhancing product development.

A large U.S. government agency facing a fivefold increase in data volumes in the next few years found that 60 percent of its warehouse data was dormant and that 40 percent of CPU capacity was consumed by ELT. Rather than spend millions on infrastructure, the healthcare-related agency uses Informatica and Cloudera to manage data integration across multiple sources, processing up to 25 billion records a day.

A global media and entertainment company faced data delivery delays and exorbitant costs in its traditional warehouse as its data increased 20 times annually. With data warehouse optimization, the company anticipates reducing data storage costs by up to 100%, speeding data delivery from 48 hours to 15 minutes, and gaining a 360-degree customer view.

Legacy applications are inefficient to handle today’s data explosion. Enterprises are constantly on a hunt to analyze the competitive information. The data routed from sensors, smart grids, smart meters, RFID tags vary in formats and channels. The Conventional analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions prove to be extremely inadequate to handle this diversity in data.

Our team of Big Data Analytics experts examine such data systems to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and present real-time reports to support business decisions. Our Big Data Management and Analytics solutions empower enterprises to analyze high-speed information at real-time, to produce relevant predictive correlations & patterns.

Accelerate time to insights and leave the complexities of data analytics behind. Realize the benefits of server less, integrated, and end-to-end data analytics services that surpass conventional limitations on scale, performance, and cost efficiency.

Focus On Analytics, Not Infrastructur. Fully Managed, Serverless Approach Removes Operational Overhead By Handling Your Big Data Analytics Solution’s Performance, Scalability, Availability, Security, And Compliance Needs Automatically, So You Can Focus On Analysis Instead Of Managing Servers. And Thanks To Innovative, Customer-Friendly Pricing, You Pay Only For The Resources You Use — In Some Cases, By The Second Or The Query. Flat-Rate And Sustained-Use Discounts Are Also Available.

Our Specialities:

  • Cloud-native data warehousing
  • Stream analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Data processing with Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • Machine learning and Cloud AI
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Business intelligence
  • Marketing analytics
  • Data lake



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