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Power Your enterprise with the Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

How some of the global Industries are using AI

AI in Ecommerce - Top Ecommerce companies are offering customized products and suggestions to shoppers based on their interests

AI in BFSI - Top BFSI companies Leverage AI to gain edge on competition and make their systems hack proof and preemtively avoid threats before they happen

AI in Healthcare Sector - Augments research and development, drug discovery and disease diagnosis

AI in Insurance - Deep Learning and advanced analytics have allowed organizations improve on employee safety

The challenge in the realm of artificial intelligenece is that from small to large organziations,they face the same issues of not being able to make the best decisions when it comes to business sustainability, operations, processes, growth and automation. These never go hand in hand, and the artificial intelligence remains a facinating term for the most. Thus data, processes,technology, growth and automation are fragmented and locked in silos.

At Gainam, we build software that lets organizations integrate their data, technology, their decisions, the automation, and their operations into one platform.

What we do is:

  • Voice-based bots with Natural language processing and sentiment analysis
  • Cognitive analytics engine
  • Intuitive recommendation engine that converses with online shoppers
  • Automating process cycles to reduce costs
  • Open APIs and data formats to interoperate with an organization's entire data ecosystem
  • Diverse analytical tooling to supercharge traditionally non-technical functions and accelerate advanced analytical initiatives


Our certified project managers are responsible for project planning, execution, team management, effort and estimation planning

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