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We cut the coding with containers: Containers technology along with a microservices architecture supports the smaller, faster narrative. Quick to provision, containers offer an infrastructure that’s much lighter than virtual machines, which translates to much smaller packaged applications which leads to easy portability across public and private clouds as well as build pipelines. That means you can develop on one cloud model, such as public, and deploy on another, such as private, and even choose the vendor for each cloud, giving your developers flexibility and control of the environment to meet specific business requirements.

Recent Cloud Application Development Case Study

Conceptualized, designed and implemented Big data infrastructure solution architecture for secure access and data performance on PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry). Build Cloud Foundry Applications, with the Cloud connected reporting devices, with a span of more than 3 million devices and machines. Overall improved upon deployment frequency, dev-to-production cycle optimization, path frequency improvements. Decoupled the processes from the surrounding world to avoid the need to depend on development cycles. We Cloud Foundry utilized as a vehicle to do migration from the data center to public cloud. Creation of a continuous delivery pipeline to dramatically reduce the time required to deploy new processes, services, and applications. Further utilized Image processing tools build on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, based on AI and machine learning algorithms.


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