Jobs at Gain America: Oracle PL/SQL Developer job

Location: New York, NY Job # 164 Date Posted: 03/05/2023 Salary: $70000

Required Skills

Oracle 10g or above 5+ years experience developing  Data modeling skills, including logical and physical schema design, parent-child relationships, many-to-many relationships, normalization, demoralization, clusters, indexes and IOTs! Strong SQL and PL/SQL skills in an Oracle RDBMS environment, including stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers, and views Performance tuning and query optimization Oracle 10g and 11g Advanced SQL knowledge including different types of joins, ANSI syntax, nested sub-queries, hierarchical queries and analytic functions Understands how the Oracle optimizer works, how to tune statements using hints, read explain plan output, and how to profile a piece of SQL in general

Required Experience

Job Description:
Must perform troubleshooting production issues such as deadlocks, waits, slow queries
Be able to utilize Unix user experience (connect to remote servers, navigate file system, run scripts from
command line, write simple shell scripts, understand background jobs, nohup, etc)! 

Preferred education:Typically a Bachelor's Degree or global equivalent in related discipline.

Job Type: Full-time
Schedule: Monday to Friday
COVID-19 considerations:Option to work remotely

General skills & competencies:

Basic understanding of industry practices.General proficiency with tools, systems, and procedures.Basic planning/organizational skills and techniques.Good decision making, analysis and problem solving skillsGood verbal and written communication skills.Basic presentation and public speaking skillsBasic interpersonal skillsDeveloping professional credibility