Jobs at Gain America: Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Location: NYC Job # 164 Date Posted: 09/19/2020 Salary: $70000

Required Skills

Required Experience


Required Experience:
• Oracle 10g or above
• 5+ years experience developing 
• Data modeling skills, including logical and physical schema design, parent-child relationships, many-to-many relationships, normalization, 
demoralization, clusters, indexes and IOTs!
• Strong SQL and PL/SQL skills in an Oracle RDBMS environment, including stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers, and views
• Performance tuning and query optimization Oracle 10g and 11g
• Advanced SQL knowledge including different types of joins, ANSI syntax, nested sub-queries,
• hierarchical queries and analytic functions
• Understands how the Oracle optimizer works, how to tune statements using hints, read
• explain plan output, and how to profile a piece of SQL in general
• Experience in troubleshooting production issues such as deadlocks, waits, slow queries
• Unix user experience (connect to remote servers, navigate file system, run scripts from
• command line, write simple shell scripts, understand background jobs, nohup, etc)!