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Comprehensive Business Services

Human Capital Solutions

Gainam goes far beyond traditional staffing services. We connect you to workers in a wide variety of fields, as well as offering consulting, Vendor Management Systems and more. From IT to engineering, clerical to light industrial, we’re your go-to workforce resource.

Data Management

Data has value only if the right people have access to it when they need it. Gainam can help you compile, manage and distribute vast amounts of information — and provide global and immediate access as needed.

IT Infrastructure and Support

IT Infrastructure and Support IT Infrastructure Services For more than 35 years, Gainam has delivered vendor-neutral Infrastructure Support Services (ISS) to our clients. We provide the support services you need, refining our capabilities and infrastructure to meet your most stringent requirements. Technolo

Telecommunications Support

Gainam Telecom Group’s customer-driven, comprehensive telecommunications expertise differentiates us from other suppliers. We are equipped to meet your needs as you respond to various economic and market-driven demands, whether in voice, data, video, security or utility systems. Our flexible, proven methods realize measurable and ascertainable cost savings and process improvements.

Outsourced Project Solutions

Gainam delivers third-party resources, experience and proficiency for projects from staffing to technology and data management to financial services. Our help can make the difference right away, and our full-scale sourcing capabilities provide added flexibility as your needs evolve.

Customer Care Resources

Gainam's customer care resources provide the cost-effective solutions you need. Through the latest technology and deep customer experience, we help you deliver better customer experiences — and better return on your investment.