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Artificial Intelligence

What we offer:

We have developed wrapper API's for Keras and TFLearn for creating neural networks, Composing Models in TFLearn, provide hands on Sequential and Functional Composition, work with predefined Neural Network Layers, provide Batch Normalization

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Our AI Core capabilities:

Our expertise offers

  1. Proficiency with Deep Learning and TensorFlow Concepts
  2. Working with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  3. Proficiency in Long short-term memory (LSTM)
  4. Implementing Keras, TFlearn, Autoencoders
  5. Implementing Restricted Boltz-mann Machine (RBM)
  6. Knowledge of Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  7. Using Python with TensorFlow Libraries
  8. Perform Text Analytics
  9. Perform Text Processing
  10. Data retrieval/search systems

Gainam offers flexible and scalable AI technology consulting solutions for projects, programs, portfolios and the enterprise.