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Quality Management Systems

"We practice quality as a core value. Quality gives our
Company a unified strategy and a common direction."

More than just an end result, quality is a mindset:

  • At the corporate level, Gainam’s Quality Council, oversees all quality initiatives and reviews innovative and emerging methodologies.

  • At the business unit level, individual Gainam divisions and subsidiaries pursue certifications that benefit the clients and industries they serve.

  • At the individual level, more than 15% Gainam employees are Six Sigma trained, which fuels Gainam’s pursuit of service excellence.

Innovations in project management

Because Quality Management Systems are constantly evolving, Gainam regularly researches and adapts new methodologies that provide additional flexibility to our existing approach. Along with our Six Sigma and ISO programs, Gainam teams can incorporate Scrum procedures that help propel project management through a less linear approach, accelerating project pace while allowing for flexibility. We have also incorporated LEAN, Agile, Kaizen and other best-practice strategies to ensure we have access to a variety of tools we can utilize in order to design the right solution for each client.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business methodology that strives for near perfection of business processes. Our Six Sigma efforts can begin with systematic, data-driven analysis of current processes. Gainam collaborates with our clients to design lasting solutions that make client teams more efficient, more effective, and better able to benefit the bottom line.


Gainam’s quality management system is composed of processes, procedures, and tools implemented to ensure that customer satisfaction and quality requirements are met or exceeded. It provides a platform for continual performance improvement.

Customized Solutions, Committed to Success

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